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Ecotourism in the Dudince region: The uncreated splendour of natural sites

Dudince is the warmest spa in Slovakia with the highest number of warm days per year. The region is famous for its healing thermal springs. But it is not only the healing springs that attract visitors: The town is considered the most environmentally friendly in the country as it is situated 140 metres above sea level. Moreover, visitors are always welcome to take advantage of the local offerings and go cycling or eco-trekking on the forest trails.

Where should eco-tourism lovers go in Dudince?

We recommend that all the guests of Eco-hotel Leo visit the unique Dudince travertines. These amazing natural objects are almost impossible to explore in a short period of time. They are situated in the spa park of the town and occupy an area of over 13 thousand square metres. All of the well-preserved formations are part of Slovakia's national monument. Let us take a look at the individual travertines and their beauty in the ecotourism niche.

  • Living travertine terrace. The site is situated on the picturesque bank of the stream called Štiavnica. The terrace extends over an area of 1,433 square metres, and is still growing in size. The travertine object is covered with green algae.
  • Limestone sediments of Tatarsky spring. It is ca. 8 metres high and has a crater on top. The mineral water that flows out of the crater has formed the sediment.
  • Oval travertine near the font spring. The object is 6 m high and looks very impressive.
  • An asymmetrical deposit at the Shipka Rose Spring. The northern side is 2 m high and the southern side 0.5 to 1 m. It looks fascinating.

The eastern part of the forest-park area is made unique by the foothills of the Gostinets mountain range. There is also a spring here - the Očný (Clearwater Spring). It is named after two craters resembling eyes. The natural "eyes" are up to 50 cm in diameter. The travertine is 2.5 metres high.

Roman baths and other unique finds for ecotourists

If you're interested in the most iconic local sites, take time out to explore the Roman Baths. This is also travertine, but it is flat and covers 8,392 square metres. Its components are 32 depressions with a square or rectangular shape. They are filled with healing water. It was in these natural mineral fonts that people used to take baths in the ancient times.

Apart from the spa forest park, ecological trips can also be made as far as the rock houses in the village of Breglovci, the towns of Banská Bystrica, Nitra and Zvolen are of interest. The mining town Banská Štiavnica is an unforgettable experience. There are also many other places of interest in the area - we are convinced that tourists will find something to admire on the way to the attractions mentioned in this article.

Dudince is a spa town which enhances its eco-tourism flavour with the atmosphere of the past - the natural wonders found their use back in the times when mankind was still unfamiliar with numerous civilisational delights. The resort, with its precious springs, has stood guard for residents and travellers for centuries. Even today, pilgrimages to Dudince for recreational purposes do not cease, but treatment does not prohibit admiring the beauty of nature.