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Therapeutic thermal water and the Dudinka Thermal Water Park

Residents of Eco Hotel Leo visiting Dudinka for the first time are bound to ask: What makes this cosy town in Slovakia unique? 

There are many interesting attractions in the spa centre, but the locals are especially proud of the healing thermal water and the modern Dudinka water park. There is even a legend about an unusually beautiful fairy Dudinka who turned an ordinary spring into a healing one and even saved a Roman general by getting him drunk on the healing liquid. Considering that this story may well be a myth, let's look at the undeniable facts about the properties of spring water. Let's not forget the water park, which is definitely worth a visit during your first days in town.

What are the properties of Dudince's thermal waters?

The uniqueness of spring water lies in its exceptional composition that combines carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. Such water can be found only in Japan on a global scale. The spa town is therefore an ideal place for the treatment of various diseases:

  • musculoskeletal system (from arthritis and arthrosis to rheumatism, polyarthritis, osteoporosis and Bechterew's disease);
  • Cardiovascular system (coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction);
  • hypertension;
  • neurological diseases (paralyses, consequences of poliomyelitis, meningitis, Parkinson's disease, etc.);
  • Problems after a stroke.

The thermal water is also lifesaving for patients with occupational diseases diagnosed as a result of radiation or prolonged exposure to compressed air.

Due to the content of Glauber's Salt (magnesium sulfuricum), the water is used for detoxification of the body, cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract and treatment of diseases of the lymphatic system.

Dudinka Thermal Water Park: combining pleasure with pleasure

This unique summer entertainment complex positions itself as a family resort. Guests can choose from 4 swimming pools:

  • for swimming - with a length of 25 m, a width of 12.5 m and a depth of 1.3 m;
  • with water attractions - a toboggan, a slide for the whole family, a channel with a current;
  • children's pool - 0.4 m deep and with a water temperature of 30 degrees;
  • mineral - for recreational swimming in the healing Dudinka water.

Adult and youth swimming pools keep maximum comfortable water temperature - from 26 to 28 degrees Centigrade. A pool with mineral water - sedentary, children under 15 years old are not allowed here. Doctors recommend 30 minutes in the pool for treatment of joints, bones and high blood pressure. Specialists recommend healing baths to fight cellulite, skin diseases and premature wrinkles.

Dudinka Water Park does not charge for attractions, the use of sun beds and dressing rooms - it's all included in the entrance fee. Only the entrance to the mineral water pool is charged separately.

The water park has buffets where visitors are offered delicious and varied meals, desserts and drinks. For those not keen on water activities, you can try your hand at beach volleyball or maxi chess. 

Children's leisure time is also taken care of, with energetic, talented animators on site.