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Dudince Spa is famous for its effective healing spring water

Mineral thermal spas in Slovakia are the perfect place for those who want to relax and heal at the same time.

The Dudince Spa is the warmest thermal spa in the most beautiful natural area in the south of Slovakia. Compared to most other regions in Slovakia, Dudince enjoys comparatively mild winters and pleasant summers. It is not characterized by extremely hot winters, but has quite a few sunny days.

The first written mention of the town dates back to 1284, but the small Roman pools which can still be found here suggest that it is much older and that the effects of the local healing springs have been known for a long time. Scientific works from the 18th century clearly mention the healing baths and their healing effects.

Dudince Spa is renowned for its effective healing spring water and its special microclimate. This unique natural mineral water has a high content of carbon dioxide with an admixture of hydrogen sulphide. The hydrogen sulphide, penetrating through the skin, has a beneficial effect on bones and cartilages and the carbon dioxide has a healing effect on the heart and blood vessels and improves blood circulation. In other words, the uniqueness of this water lies in the simultaneous presence of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide which enables simultaneous treatment of musculoskeletal apparatus and cardio-vascular system.

However, few people know that Dudinka water is also used for drinking. Doctors recommend drinking the mineral water to those who suffer from chronic bronchitis, diseases of liver and bile ducts, digestive tract and pancreas.

To drink or not to drink mineral water?

Drinking mineral water is recommended on the basis of various scientific studies which have established its beneficial effects on the health of the whole body. It is beneficial in reducing the risk of serious diseases, osteoporosis, neurological diseases and diabetes. In contrast, drinking only demineralised water, often sold on an industrial scale, can lead to serious health problems due to a deficiency of important minerals.

There are practically no contraindications to drinking Dudinka mineral water. Due to the high concentration of sodium (Na), about 740 mg/litre of water, caution should be exercised when drinking it in case of cardiovascular diseases and kidney diseases.

Mineral medicinal waters are an important part of our daily drinking regime, and we choose the type of mineral water we drink according to our health condition. However you should not overdo it with mineral water. Our mineral water should not exceed 30-50% of our daily water intake. Of course, this depends on the individual case and can amount to 1.5 to 3 litres per day.

Daily water consumption is also influenced by age, body weight, diet, physical activity, outdoor temperature (we need more fluids on hot summer days), health conditions and related diseases (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, etc.).

There are many mineral springs in Slovakia, but the water in Dudince is very specific and unique in its composition as it contains many biologically active elements. 

Recently, with the increasing popularity of healthy lifestyle and the realisation that illnesses are easier to prevent than cure, the spa in Dudince offers not only curative but also preventive programmes.