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Dudince wines: memorable tastings of the best Slovak wineries

Dudince is a spa town with surprises. In addition to its curative mineral waters and natural wonders, the region boasts a long tradition of wine production. The oldest wine cellars are the ones in Mackaš (5 km away from Dudince), where the valuable drinks are still preserved to this day. It is confirmed that they existed before 1673 and were a place of refuge during the Turkish raids. Today the cellars hold unique wine-tasting events. But there are also modern wineries worth mentioning. Let us talk more about the culture of making and drinking wine in Dudince.

Beer cellars in Mačkáš: unique conditions for maturing and tasting beverages

The Maczkáš Wine Cellars situated near the village of Hontěnské Moravské are characterised by unique conditions for maturing and tasting beverages. Hontianske Moravce are characterized by an ideal climate for storing wine. The barrels are buried in tufaceous rock, and the temperature stays constant throughout the year. Tourists are not just welcome to sample the beverages, but also to experience the unique atmosphere, typical only of the old cellars. Visitors can choose from several tasting options:

  • on a medieval sample - for this, the wine is poured into a special bowl;
  • using wooden plates and other cutlery used in ancient times;
  • directly in the vineyard, admiring the views.

You can also sample wine in the cellars themselves - there are around 25 of them. There are cellars with bats in them and the rooms filled with the tools of the old winemakers are also worth a visit.

Gunárovcová Pivnice: produce from the family vineyards

The establishment is a family winery. Several generations of the Gunarov and Petrushkov families have been growing grapes and turning them into wine with a unique flavour. The pub offers tourists a wide range of wines:

  • Pesecá leánka (2013);
  • Weltlin Green (2013);
  • Frankovka blue (2013);
  • Cabernet Sauvignon (2011);
  • Bordeaux Blue (2012).

Each sample of wine, according to the winemakers, retains as much as possible the characteristics accentuating the character of the vineyard. No artificial additives are used in the production process, not even yeast. Therefore, the sensory properties of the product are impeccable.

The Pub in Oshustov: An impressive list of relatively young wines

The owners say they planted their vineyard in 1982. Over a period of 40 years, they have developed an original family method of cultivating the vine and turning it into tasty drinks.

Visitors are offered around 10 varieties of wine from the 2018, 2020 and 2021 vintages. The vast majority are dry and semi-dry wines made from Pesecá leánka, Zweigeltrebe and Irsai Oliver grapes.

A few words about the drinking culture

Dudinka wines are all about relaxation and enjoyment. This is why tasting events are always complemented by tasty Slovak dishes. In most wine houses and pubs wine is drunk to the tune of folk songs, and tasting tours are often accompanied by tales and legends of the wine industry. And the Hont region (which includes Dudince) has a lot of them. So book a room at our LEO Eco-hotel and hurry in search of local colour!